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The jQuizShow game and source code is provided completely free of charge for your use, whether personal, commercial, or government. It is provided and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The details of this license can be found here.

Note, however, that add-ons to jQuizShow may or may not be released under the same license.

An example is the jQuizShowSounds.jar add-on. Though it is completely free for use with the jQuizShow game, its contents, specifically the sound loops included in it, may not be repackaged nor redistributed for other purposes; a special license was granted by the author, Rob Kirkwood, for the distribution of his sound loops with the jQuizShow. The original MP3 sound loops and other music tracks which Mr. Kirkwood has authored, however, can be acquired royalty-free directly from his site Visible Form. See the terms of his generous royalty-free license at his site for details.

Finally, to get jQuizShow, select the "Downloads" link on the links column.

The source code is also available under the GNU GPL. If you are interested in the source code, please visit the jQuizShow Project site. While you are there, why not also consider becoming a part of the jQuizShow development team?

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