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The jQuizShow is based on the popular "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" TV game show. It forms the framework around which a group can play their own Millionaire-like quiz show game, with one person acting as the host, one person in the "hot seat," and with the remaining people forming the audience. Three helplines (50/50, ask a friend, and poll the audience) are available to the player.


The jQuizShow is fully customizable. It is easy to add your own questions and answers to the database (or use databases others have written), change the sound effects, modify the prize levels, and more. It includes network support to allow for a third-person to control the game (thus freeing up the host), or for allowing multiple computers to display the quiz game screen simultaneously.

Ideal for use in a classroom or church youth group setting, or at the start of a meeting to break the ice.

It is written in 100% Pure Javatm 2 (v1.3) and, thus, can run on any platform that supports Java (Windowstm, Mactm, Linux, etc.).

Recent News

May 4, 2006
Romano Signorelli has created a question editor for jQuizShow for the Windows platform. See the Contributions section of the Download page for a screenshot and a link for downloading it.

January 23, 2004
Well, it has been a l-o-n-g time since any work has been done on jQuizShow. The work to internationalize the code was completed at the end of 2002, (but not tested with any language but English). However, my motivation to continue work on the project had run dry soon after as there seemed to be little interest in jQuizShow. Thus, I left it as it was.

Recently, I have been receiving feedback and encouragement from users to make some improvements to jQuizShow. One of them is to provide an interface that would make jQuizShow more useful in a classroom environment. Work has begun to implement this change. Stay tuned!

August 9, 2002
    Started work to internationalize jQuizShow. It is tedious, but it will be worth it in the end. However, though jQuizShow will have support for interationalization (i18n), I will need help from volunteers to translate the jQuizShow GUI text into the various languages! If you are interested in helping with this (or any other aspect of jQuizShow), please contact me.

    Also, an installer package is in the works. I did not get a chance to put it together for the first release, but I will for the next release.

    For those interested in putting together your own set of questions for jQuizShow, please see the Documentation. Though the documentation has a lot of holes in it, I did put together a section called "Question Database File" which explains the format used by the file. I found that the easiest way to create and maintain the database is to use a spreadsheet program (e.g. Star Office, Microsoft Excel) and output the file as a tab-separated text file.

See the News Archives for past news releases.
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