Chapter 1. Basic Information

Table of Contents
What is jQuizShow
System Requirements
License and Distribution

What is jQuizShow

The jQuizShow is based on the popular "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" TV game show. It forms the framework around which a group can play their own Millionaire-like game, with one person acting as the host, one person in the "hot seat," and with the remaining people forming the audience. Three helplines (50/50, ask a friend, and poll the audience) are available to the player.

The jQuizShow is fully customizable. It is easy to add your own questions and answers to the database (or use databases others have written), change the music and sound effects, modify the prize levels, and more. It includes network support to allow for a third-person to control the game (thus freeing up the host), or for allowing multiple computers to display the game screen simultaneously.

It is ideal for use in a classroom or church youth group setting, or at the start of an meeting to break the ice. Parents can even use it as a fun way to test their kids (or for kids to test their parents...). Be creative!