Playing the Game

Example Game

After jQuizShow is started, the main jQuizShow screen should appear. From the File, select the New Player... option to begin a new round. Two windows will appear on the screen. The first is the current score screen, and the second is a window asking if you are ready. Press SPACE when you are ready to start. The ready message will now be replaced with the primary game window. The parts of the jQuizShow game are labelled below.

The Score Screen displays the current accomplishment (or prize) level that the player has reached. The red bar marks the current level being attempted. The levels marked in white are the key transition levels for the game. When a player reaches one of these levels, the player's earnings will not drop below that level; that is, his winnings are guaranteed to be at least that amount if the player misses a question.

The Game Screen is the primary focus of the game. This screen shows the states of the current lifelines, the question and all the possible answers. It also displays the current question timer which begins counting down after the last of the possible answer is displayed.

From this point, pressing the SPACE key will display the first question. Additional presses of the SPACE key will display each of the possible answers to the question one-by-one until all the possible answers are displayed.

After all the answers have been displayed, the question timer will start. The player at this point is asked to choose one of the answers. The player's choice is selected by either using the mouse to select one of the answers, or by using the keyboard to enter the character associated with the answer (A, B, C or D in this example). This will highlight the answer in orange.